Traditional business or
professional liability
insurance does not always
sufficiently address Internet
exposures and the risks
involved in having your
business on the Internet
and dealing with some
everyday activities
associated with the Internet
Age. Cyber liability
insurance offers coverage
for security breaches; data
theft; virus transmission;
privacy issues; copyright,
trademark and intellectual
property infringement; libel
or any other issues that first
parties can pass to third
parties via the Internet.
Some of the types of
claims that may occur
Accidental release of
confidential customer

Spreading a virus into a
customer's computer

Denial of service attack
hacking (DOS)

Electronic data extortion or

Webmaster uses another
site's content in site
A recent case involved a
company improperly using a
celebrity's name and
photograph on its website.
The celebrity sued for the
"fair market value" of her
name, plus additional
damages of $500,000.
Liability associated with the
Internet is growing and your
business needs to be
protected with cyber liability
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By providing information to
the public via a company
website, a business has
some of the same insurance
exposures as publishers.
These include conventional
publishing exposures such
as copyright infringement,
defamation and invasion of
privacy, as well as newer
exposures related to
operating on the Internet.
Cyber liability exposure has
increased for both large and
small business during this
Is your business sufficiently
covered? Does your
business do any of the
communicate by email

have a website

conduct e-commerce

store information