We are a provider of
insurance solutions for
general, artisan, and trade
contractors throughout
New Jersey. We utilize a
large variety of admitted,
non admitted, and
alternative risk financing
markets to customize
coverages for our clients
including commercial
liability, property, auto,
workers comp, surety
bonds, and group health
coverage. Our services
include consistent
monitoring of accounts
throughout the year, as well
as annual marketing for the
best risk management
W.R. McClure Insurance
Services can provide
contractors insurance
coverage for the sole
proprietor performing
general remodeling, to
specialty trade and artisan
contractors, to large general
construction firms in the
industry. Whether you are a
small New Jersey, CT, PA, or
NY business owner or a multi
million dollar multi-state
construction firm, we can
offer affordable contractors
insurance coverage that
meets your requirements.
New Jersey contractors
insurance generally has
three parts to it, a schedule
to cover you, a schedule to
cover the company or
person you are contracted
to, and a schedule to cover
any member of the public
affected directly by your
work as a contractor. In
each of the cases, you
should have full protection
against accidental damage
caused to equipment and
property, and also liability
protection covering medical,
legal and compensation
New Jersey contractors
insurance typically will not
cover negligent acts or
errors that are deliberate,
nor will they provide
extended cover if you
demonstrate a pattern of
consistent negligent
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